Full Mouth Restoration

Dental Full Mouth Restoration
Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico


All on 4 dental implants are a revolutionary treatment available to clients in London and the UK, which allows a whole set of new teeth (known as an arch) to be supported by just 4 implants. The All on 4 implants are positioned at precise angles to provide optimum support for the arch and complete stabilization for your dentures.

Placement of All on 4 dental implants

Before treatment commences a meeting with your dentist will be held. The consultation is your opportunity to ask your dentist any questions and for them to find if you can have All on 4 dental implants. Your dentist will then carry out a number of tests to determine if you need any teeth removed before the implants are placed. If you are a successful applicant for the treatment, your dentist will explain how the treatment works and arrange an appointment to fit the implants.


The All-on-6 method consists of six dental implants that are precisely positioned within the jawbone, which is used as a natural anchor. Each dental implant is designed to organically integrate with the mouth, much like a natural tooth root.

It is used on patients that don’t have perfect jawbones, but with sufficient bone to support six implants. It also shares a characteristic with the All-on-8 solution: a bridge in the form of an arch that is used to support the artificial teeth.


This solution uses eight dental implants and it’s by far the most stable option. Because it involves the greatest number of dental implants, it has the strongest grip on the jaw. This solution requires that the jaw has enough bone to sustain eight implants. Many patients that suffer from trauma may not have enough bone for eight implants.

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