Dental Crowns
What is a Dental Crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over the entire visible portion of your tooth. It’s a permanent solution for a damaged tooth and once it’s fixed in place, a crown will look, feel and function just like any other tooth.

Crowns are usually needed if you have a damaged or weakened tooth that cannot be fixed with a filling. Sometimes crowns are needed because of aesthetic considerations but mainly it’s due to a lack of remaining tooth structure. Most commonly this is because a tooth has had a large filling or has sustained a fracture.

Crowns can be made from ceramic (such as porcelain), metal (gold or metal alloy), or a combination of both. The latest advances in ceramics mean that porcelain crowns are indistinguishable from your own natural teeth.

  • Porcelain fused to metal crown: These are the most common. They combine the strength of a metal base with a cosmetic covering of tooth-colored porcelain.
  • E-Max crown: This type of crown can give you the most esthetic result by best producing the natural look of a tooth, but they are not as strong as porcelain fused to metal. These are only recommended for the front teeth
  • Zirconium crowns: These type of crowns are made from a ceramic material called zirconia. It is a very strong ceramic able to withstand the wear and tear of every day. Aesthetically, it is very similar to a natural tooth reflecting light in much the same way.

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