Biological Implants

Dental Biological Implants

Metal Free Dental Implants in Mexico

When looking for the best option for dental implants, some patients are not sure if Titanium is the best option in the market, especially if they are allergic to any metal. We at Circle Dental Group are always innovating and finding new ways to keep our patients satisfied and making sure they only get the best dental implants brands in the world, specifically brands that offer new types of Biological materials such as Zirconia and Ceramic.

Ceramic implants are made from a variety of materials. These materials offer improved durability over traditional implants. Zirconium dental implants are the highest quality implants available. These implants are made from industrial strength, heat and impact resistant ceramic called zirconia.

Zirconia is a glass-like material that is so strong that it has earned the nickname “ceramic steel.” Unlike traditional ceramic, which can be brittle, zirconia is extremely hard, resists corrosion, and has a lower density than other ceramics.

In addition to better cosmetic results, many dentists prefer zirconium implants because they do not react with body tissues. As many as five percent of patients suffer from some level of allergic reaction to metals, including titanium.

This can cause irritation and inflammation at the site of the implant. Ceramic implants are also less susceptible to bacterial colonization, which means less long-term bone loss.

Ceramic implants offer several advantages over traditional implants, including:

  • The material used is inert, which means there is no potential for an allergic reaction.
  • The implants are made from the same material that has been used for decades in joint replacement surgeries.
  • The ceramic used in the implants is actually stronger than titanium. The same type of material is often used in aerospace engineering.
  • Since there is no metal, the implants will not galvanize or corrode with time.
  • They also are not subject to electronic disturbances and do not leave a metallic aftertaste.
  • Biocompatible implants have a more natural appearance than traditional implants.
  • Biological implants are less susceptible to plaque buildup than traditional implants. This leads to better overall oral health.

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