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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism (also called dental vacations) is a subset of the sector known as medical tourism. It involves individuals seeking dental care outside of their local healthcare systems and may be accompanied by a vacation. Dental tourism is growing worldwide: as the world becomes ever more interdependent and competitive, technique, material, and technological advances spread rapidly, enabling providers in “developing countries” to provide dental care at significant cost savings when compared with their peers in the developed world.

Shuttle Service

Thank you for interest in working with us here at circle dental group, our clinic is located in Los Algodones, Mexico. We provide free shuttle transportation to and from hotel/clinic airport/clinic in Yuma- Algodones.

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Circle Dental Group like to develop relationships with our clients and focus on quality and service. We know that during your visit you will notice the effort we put towards high standards. And, we are confident that you will be so pleased with us that you will recommend us.

Payment Methods

We offer different payment methods to enhance customer satisfaction.

Note: To avoid any issues with your warranty, please take notice of the following, without a receipt there is no warranty.

  • Checks

    Are only payable to Jorge Jimenez A. We cannot accept checks made to another name, it is nonnegotiable, we are sorry for the inconvenience, for postdated checks please talk with front desk. Canadian checks have to have US FUNDS printed on the check and to convert them we will use a wells fargo type of change for each Canadian dollar on that day.

  • Cash

    You will need to cover at least 50% of the work done on the first visit and it is very important to finish paying the total amount when the work is done. We have some exceptions and our office could be flexible but you need to talk to front desk.

  • Credit Cards

    There is a 4% charge on all credit or debit cards and that is a Mexican tax charge, for any doubt or anything you need to clarify please talk to Emma. We don’t accept American Express or Discovery, sorry for the inconvenience that may cost you.